My team and I are looking to partner with like minded inspectors who would join our Inspection Collective. ASI is a collaborative group with a firm belief in flexible thinking and always improving to meet the needs of the inspection industry. We want to partner with like minded inspectors who see value in our management of the office/marketing aspects of the business.

Job Description

Autonomous work with a high level of detail. Individual will be responsible to report in great accuracy any and all areas of any assigned inspection. Individual is required to be customer facing and to always hold themselves in a professional manner both in appearance and demeanor.


o   Must demonstrate a clear understanding of building materials, practices and concepts.

o   Strong Attention to Detail with detailed reports: Finding, Location and Reason why the finding was documented, Possible repair options And/OR professionals to contact.

o   Holds/Maintains a current Arkansas Home Inspector License & InterNACHI or ASHI membership

o   Weekend and Night Job Opportunities

o   Excellent written and verbal communication skills

o   Proficient Computer Skills

o   Computer capable of running HomeGauge Software

o   Proficient Camera/Picture Skills

o   Camera and/or tablet capable of taking pictures

o   Must ENJOY going in attics & crawlspaces

o   Must be capable and willing to safely walk on roofs, crawl in crawlspaces and walk/crawl in attics.

o   Personal Protective Equipment for all facets of the job.

  • We do not discriminate based on RACE, RELIGION or SEXUAL ORIENTATION.  We encourage ALL inspectors to apply.
  • We are not accepting apprenticeships at this time and all applicants must already be a licensed Home Inspector. Go to http://ahib.org/how.php  for more information.



“I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with A Superior Inspection. Working with ASI has improved my knowledge of inspecting and has increased my work load without having to market myself and search for jobs on my own. I can work as much or as little as I like. Andy Kuszak, the owner, is very knowledgeable and has a dynamic vision for the future. He strives for ASI to be the best in the business and that permeates throughout the entire company. He has created a working atmosphere that is fair and respectful and everyone on the team is working for the common goal of success. ASI has a tremendous reputation and is respected in the field of real estate. I am proud to be a part of it.”

—Scott Heard, Associate Inspector