My fellow Inspectors, my name is Andy and I am a primary partner in A Superior Inspection LLC. We are based in Northwest Arkansas but have an operating footprint that extends down to the River Valley, to North Central Arkansas and up to Southwest Missouri. 

My team and I are looking to partner with a likeminded COMMERCIAL inspector who would join our Inspection Collective. ASI is a collaborative group with a firm belief in flexible thinking and alwaysimproving to meet the needs of the inspection industry. We are all independent contractors who have decided to join forces under one name for a more secure future. In our effort to always deliver the best product and negate claims, all reports are written with a collective Home Gauge template and reviewed by another inspector prior to releasing to the client. The goal of this group is to consistently deliver the most accurate, honest product in a timely fashion.

Because we are a collective, all business information is available at your request. Our books, policies, procedures are all transparent and available for discussion. We will always do what is best by our collective inspectors. With the operations of business comes cost and liability, which have to be paid for by the group out of the inspection fees as pay percentages. The minimum amount the business can make from each inspection has been calculated to be able to run efficiently, pay our debts, pay for our time and leave money to grow. Your pay percentages (the highest in the industry) still allow you to make more money with us instead of without us, by taking away all of the time hoarding office aspects of running a business (ie. Phone calls, marketing, accounting, recruiting, job acquisition, meetings…..) and allow you to focus on doing great inspections and reports.

More Information

  • Non-Compete? NO! This is not a non-compete group, BUT we believe you will find more value working together then separately. (Our provided services and materials can only be used on ASI jobs.)
  • Schedule and Pay: You pick your weekly schedule to work as much or as little as you like. Although Commercial jobs are bigger, they are (currently) fewer and we can supplement with residential jobs if you are a licensed Home Inspector, as you desire. Year 2021 – commercial invoice average is $1,542 with 21 jobs and residential invoice average is $425 with 651 jobs. *Averages do not include: mold, radon, pool, sewer scopes, thermal imaging, detached buildings, multifamily, well water testing or phase inspections. We are consistently acquiring new tools and training to be able to offer more services which increase our pay per inspection. As an Associate Contractor you receive 60% of the paid inspection fee or 70% if you acquired the job or brought in a new Referral Partner ie. Realtors, Insurance Agents, Mortgage Lenders… (Large Multi-Inspector jobs are negotiated fairly between all involved.) If you bring a job and cannot fit it into your schedule, we will pay you a 10% finders fee from the paid net invoice after another inspector completes the job. Current full year full time inspector pay ranges from $25,000 – $80,000 depending on how busy you want to be and how many certifications you hold.
  • Scheduling & Services: We have a local Customer Service Representative (Jaimie) who answers phone calls and makes appointments for us Monday – Friday 8-5. I take phone calls 5pm – 7pm during the week and 8am-7pm on the weekends. We have an online scheduler that anyone can book an appointment in open time slots. All pricing, availability and services are visible to anyone at any time without having to input personal information just to receive a quote. For our advanced inspectors we offer: Expert Witness Services, Phase Inspections, Customer Advocate Services and Claim Consultations. We offer our clients a free 1 hour follow-up inspection available for 1 year from the date of inspection that you are responsible to coordinate if the client chooses to use it.
  • Claims Assistance: If you have been in the industry any amount of time, you know that aclaim against you is inevitable. If a claim is legitimate, we offer pay assistance and payment plans to help spread the cost. BUT if the claim is not legitimate, we fight together to make it go away.
  • Service Area: Your service area will be a 60mile radius around your home/business. Jobs 60-120 miles from your base will compensate you $100 per job. Jobs further then 120 miles from base will be negotiated with the client. 
  • Applicants MUST have:
  • At least 2 years of commercial construction experience & working towards certification OR
  • Currently a certified Commercial Property Inspector and/or holds ASTM2018 Certification.
If you are a candidate who is looking to reduce stress, make more money, want more time doing the things you love and/or be part of a growing successful team…..send me an email at Andy@ASuperiorInspection.net and we can setup a time to talk.
Andy Kuszak
Owner, Chief Inspector
License # : HI-1829

Benefits We Provide

  • Insurance – Liability and E&O
  • HomeGauge Report Software
  • Marketing Material
  • Logo’d Clothing
  • SUPRA Access
  • Company Email
  • Week or 2-Week Pay Out
  • InterNACHI/ASHI membership & CCPIA membership
  • FREE year-round advanced inspection training by trade professionals
  • Travel per Diem when more than 2 hours from base.
  • Year End Profit Sharing
  • Your cost is your: vehicle, computer, tools, PPE & Health Insurance
  • We do not discriminate based on RACE, RELIGION or SEXUAL ORIENTATION.  We encourage ALL inspectors to apply.
  • We are not accepting apprenticeships at this time and all applicants must already be a licensed Home Inspector. Go to http://ahib.org/how.php  for more information.



I am Jon Dunk and I recently joined A Superior Inspection’s team last spring. A few decisions led me up to joining, but I have not regretted it one day. There are pros and cons to every decision, and the pros won. My previous inspection company was doing well. So well in fact, that I was going to need to hire someone to take calls and cover my off time. Being a one man show in the inspecting world will leave you with NO days off and very little time to relax. A Superior Inspection was the answer to my problems. I was averaging between 3-4 inspections most weeks with my last company. This being the first year, I knew business would pick up. So, my options were simple. Hire additional personnel, or merge with A Superior Inspection. Andrew Kuszak reached out to me at the perfect time. 

Home inspections are like every other trade, there are slow and busy seasons. With a one man inspection company, you cannot take time off without rejecting your clients or realtors. Postponing inspections only leads to extremely busy weeks down the road, and it is difficult to catch up sometimes. Family emergencies may also lead to inspection cancellations. Knowing all of the above variables, it’s easy to lose current clients and reliable realtors for future business. Multi-Inspector companies are the answer to these problems, and A Superior Inspection is 2nd to no one. It all comes down to numbers in the long run. I have more inspections now than I want to do. I have grown within the company faster than I would of on my own. The reason being is that A Superior Inspection’s team works like it should. We charge more, because we do more. A Superior Inspection only hires great inspectors. Each inspector reflects upon the entire team in every aspect. This is how we can charge more per inspection than the state average. The average inspection fee in Arkansas (2,000 sqft and below) is $287, meanwhile A Superior Inspection charges $375. In most situations clients do not question the price because of the thoroughness of the reports and customer service. I was averaging $307 per inspection when on my own (Above the state average), which is great. But with my website, SUPRA fees, insurance, etc. I was only making around $250 per inspection. With A Superior Inspection I make $262.50 for thesame house. I don’t have to schedule it, market future business, update templates, update websites or any of that. I ONLY inspect. So technically, I get paid more to do less work. And that right there is what brought me to my decision to join.

When I want a vacation, I take it.
When I want more inspections per week, I get them.
When I need a day off, I get it.
When I have an emergency and can’t make the inspection, it’s covered. 
When I have a question about a defect, I have associates to reach out to.

Jon Dunk, Associate Contractor Testimonial: 
Inspecting for A Superior Inspection