Questions to Ask Your Premier Home Inspector

Once you have a reliable and reputable home inspector in mind, make sure to reach out to them. There are various questions you will have to verify before moving forward. These include: More facts can be seen here. 

Are You Licensed and Certified?

Some states might not require a license or certification for a premier home inspection. However, as a new home buyer, you might want to work with a certified inspector. If they have a certification and license, you will know that they are professionally trained and have completed their course work. Learn more about Reasons for Premier Inspections When Buying a Home.

Are you Insured and Bonded?

By having insurance, a home inspector will be covered in the case of mishaps in their inspection report, and you decide to take legal action. For instance, if your inspector misses something that ends up costing you hundreds of dollars in repairs, you will not be liable because their error and omissions insurance will cover the costs.

Are you a Full-Time Home Inspector?

If a professional is a full-time home inspector, you know that the demand for their inspection services is high enough to make a sustainable living out of it. It also indicates that they are good at what they do.