Burglary Facts

  • Every 14.6 seconds a burglary takes place in the United States.
  • Most burglaries occur during the day, between the hours of 10am and 3pm.
  • Burglars spend an average of just 10 minutes in the home, creating an average loss of $2,000, not to mention, stealing personal identification information like checks, credit card statements and passports.


The best defense against burglary is prevention.

With a little planning you can reduce your home’s “curb appeal” to burglars, increase your safety, and dramatically reduce your odds of becoming another statistic.

With the peak months for burglaries just ahead, A Superior Inspection, LLC and Federal Protection, Inc. would like to help prevent you from becoming a victim with the following information and practical tips.

The Usual Suspects – Burglars drive through neighborhoods looking for homes that appear to be vacant and with few obstacles to gaining entry. They are typically young males, (13 to 25 years of age) Often supporting a drug habit, which make them particularly dangerous and desperate.

They are looking for the path of least resistance and don’t want to get caught. Therefore, you’ll want to harden the target and draw attention to them in case they do gain access.

Tips to “Harden the Target and Draw Attention”

Be a Good Neighbor – Consider starting a neighborhood watch program. Let your neighbors know when you’ll be gone so they can set your trash out and pick up your mail and papers. Also consider leaving a car in the driveway, interior lights and/or even a television on when you are away.

Lock it Up – Don’t leave valuables like bicycles and expensive gas grills out in plain view and ALWAYS lock all your doors and windows when you’re away. 1/3 of all burglars gain access through an unlocked door or window. Sliding glass doors should also be secured with pins or a “Charlie bar” in the track. For long trips, consider using the slide lock on your garage door and unplugging your opener.

Light it Up – Make sure exterior lights illuminate all entrances to your home. Consider Motion Lights and Make sure your house numbers are well-lit and clearly visible from the road to help responding authorities find your home during a burglary or other emergency.

Make ‘Em Famous – Don’t give burglars a place to hide.

  • Remember the 2:6 Rule: Keep bushes and shrubs trimmed to two feet off the ground and tree limbs trimmed to no lower than six feet. This will provide neighbors and others passing by an unobstructed view of your residence.
  • Consider surveillance cameras for the exterior of your home. Cameras provide a definite deterrent to a would-be burglar as they do not want the risk of being identified.
  • Consider a professionally installed, centrally monitored home security system. Even a modest burglar alarm will provide immediate response and cause the intruder to flee, knowing the authorities are being dispatched.


  • Do NOT enter!
  • Do NOT confront suspects
  • Do call the police or sheriff office immediately from a safe location
  • Do provide dispatcher with all necessary information (including suspect/vehicle descriptions and direction of travel and follow the dispatcher’s directions).
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